Robbers Dressed as Health Inspectors Steal Over $12K From Supermarket

Robbers Dressed as Health Inspectors Steal Over $12K From Supermarket

A gang of armed robbers pretended to be coronavirus health inspectors to steal from a South African supermarket.

The group are believed to have made off with 200,000 ZAR, or £9,392, from a pension payout point at a supermarket in Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal province on Wednesday morning.

The four men wore white lab coats, masks and face shields as they entered the shopping mall.

They then calmly walked into the supermarket at around 8.30am.

Two of the men held a manager and a staff member at gunpoint as they removed all the cash from a safe in the office, police have confirmed.

CCTV footage shows the men calmly walking into the supermarket and speaking to a staff member behind a desk.

They then walk through a set of glass doors below the supermarket sign.

Footage then cuts to show the men walking out clutching various bags.

Pietermaritzburg police spokesperson Sergeant Mthokozisi told South Africa’s East Coast Radio: ‘Four men who were dressed in white coats entered a business premise in Scottsville through the main entrance, and they went to the cash office and asked to speak to the manager.

‘Two suspects entered the manager’s office together with an employee while the others stood outside. At gunpoint, they forced both the manager and employee to lie on the floor, and they then removed all the cash from the safe.’

The men then fled the area in a vehicle. Officials have not confirmed the amount of money the group escaped with.

Gang members did not open fire and no injuries were reported.

The payout desk has since been closed and pensioners were advised to collect their money from other points, local media reported.

A police investigation is ongoing.

It comes as police in KwaZulu-Natal are investigating the theft of PPE that was designated for schools and offices in three different districts.

The items – which were worth millions of rands – were due to reach essential facilities in Pinetown, uMlazi and Zululand.

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