Robber Steals Phone, Purse, Gets Arrested After Returning to The Crime Scene in Dubai

He allegedly robbed a passer-by of his purse and phone in Hor Al Anz

A man was arrested in Dubai allegedly for robbing a passer-by of Dh970 and an iPhone at knifepoint in Dubai.

According to police sources, the 22-year-old man was caught by the victim and some others in Hor Al Anz and was handed over to the police when he returned to the robbery site within minutes to collect his bicycle. He has been referred to the public prosecution.

The police said the suspect and some accomplices of the same nationality reached Hor Al Anz at night after planning to rob potential victims.

The victim told the police that he was returning to his residence after a visiting a friend. Upon entering one of the dark alleys, he was surprised by the suspect and his three friends, who pointed a knife at his face and asked him to take out what was in his pocket.

Afraid of an attack, he handed over his phone and wallet to the suspects, who fled the place immediately after the robbery. The victim told some Asian men in the neighbourhood about the incident after a few minutes.

During their conversation, he saw the suspect returning to the place with a friend to collect his bicycle, which they had left there while fleeing. He started screaming at them and the neighbourhood people managed to catch the suspect while his friend escaped.

They reported the incident and handed over the suspect to the police.

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