Riyadh Museum Sets on a Timeless Journey With Arabic Calligraphy

The Ministry of Culture is organizing an exhibition titled “Scripts and calligraphy: A timeless journey” at the National Museum in Riyadh.

The exhibition that aims to showcase the history of Arabic calligraphy will be held from June 16 to Aug. 21.

The event will highlight the evolution of the Arabic script and showcase its various development stages over time. It will also showcase the impact of the latest technology on art. The exhibition will feature works of Saudi and international master calligraphers.

The exhibition will be divided into five sections: Origins of the Arabic script, development of calligraphy, master calligraphers, calligraphy and contemporary art, and calligraphy and artificial intelligence.

An AI device developed by Haytham Nawar, an Egyptian artist, and designer, will also be put on display at the event.

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