Riyadh municipality calls on commercial businesses to show QR codes on storefronts

Authorities in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh have called on commercial establishments to display a QR code on their storefronts starting January 1, 2022, or else face fines for non-compliance.

Riyadh Municipality said that the new step aims to update and correct the data of stores and establishments and link the license and the location of the activity through the Geographic Information System (GIS).

“These objectives also included facilitating the field monitoring work of the supervisory authorities, enabling community participation, the process of evaluating the services provided by establishments, and reporting violations,” Riyadh Municipality said in a statement.

The municipality of Jeddah last week also called on businesses to install the QR code sticker, “Your opinion matters,” on the front of their shops starting August 31 to start monitoring violations on non-compliant facilities and taking measures against them.

At the time, Jeddah Municipality spokesman Mohammed Obeid al-Buqami said that the QR code system aims to improve the quality of services and goods provided to residents of the city by promoting effective digital communication between the inspectors, the facilities, and the beneficiaries of the services of these facilities.

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