Rihanna is One of The Richest Self-Made Women in The US

Rihanna is One of The Richest Self-Made Women in The US

The ‘We Found Love’ hitmaker has ranked in 33rd place on Forbes’ annual list, which ranks some of the United States’ most successful women entrepreneurs.

As well as this ranking, Rihanna also appears at number 60 on the Forbes Celebrity 100 2020 list and number 61 on the Power Women 2019 list.

Rihanna – who is best known for her musical feats as well as her fashion and cosmetics ranges under her Savage x Fenty brand – is also joined on the list by ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ matriarch Kris Jenner, who sits at 92 on the list and is worth $190 million compared to Rihanna’s $600 million.

Meanwhile, Rihanna previously revealed how she wants to create a “safe space” for women who don’t feel sexy in society with her new collection and so has designed clothing to suit a range of body types.

She said: “We always want to include women who haven’t felt sexy by society’s terms and expectations. We want them to feel like this is their safe space and hub, that we get it, and are one with them. It’s always about being inclusive. [The casting] is about who gives me what I want to feel.

“I don’t care about size, shape, or colour; I embrace all types of women. I’m paying attention to what makes me happy, appreciating the little things and taking advantage of them now that I have time to do them. It’s been inspiring [finding] my peace and my happiness; everything flows beautifully from that.”

And Kris insists she would like to be remembered for being a mother, rather than for her reality shows or celebrity status.

She said: “That is what I would like to be known for most and first. I would like people to see me as a mother because that’s my greatest accomplishment and what I’m proudest of. A great mom and a great grandmother and just being a good person and just being out there trying to do good things in the world. I just want to be happy, be with the people you love and stay healthy. That’s the goal.”

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