Rihanna Discovers New Hobbies Other Than Singing During Lockdown

Rihanna Discovers New Hobbies Other Than Singing During Lockdown

Rihanna has been exploring new hobbies in lockdown, including “cooking, walking, and biking”.

The ‘Work’ hitmaker has been relaxing during the coronavirus pandemic and doing things that make her “happy”, as she says she’s loved having the chance to try various new activities that “make [her] feel great”.

She admitted: “I’ve been just sitting in robes with no makeup and whatever my hair does that day.

There’s a lot happening always and when I get into those little crevasses of those huge moments, I just try to think about what I really love to do. Like, what truly makes me happy, and it’s really the littlest things.

“It could be cooking, it could be walking, it could be biking. It’s all of these little tiny things that you just do for fun that in the moment they just make you feel great. I don’t have a license, so I can’t really drive, but driving is also one of those things that is therapeutic.”

Rihanna, 32, also credited the ongoing health crisis with helping her to think more creatively, as she’s been working on new projects in an entirely different environment.

She added to ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “It impacts everything. It impacts the timing for a lot, it impacts touring, it impacts how feasible is it to travel or have people you want to work with travel to you.

“It forces you to figure it out and I’m that type of girl. I just want to figure out a solution. I don’t want to stay stuck on the problem.

“I’m like, ‘OK, so what do we do about it?’ With COVID-19, every day has been, ‘So what do you do about it?’ Because there’s always a challenge.

“Every day there’s something different, and so the ‘what do you do about it’ aspect has come into full play during this quarantine. It’s helped a lot and it’s forced me to figure things out and get creative and clever about it.”

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