Retired Saudi Presenter Badr Al Zaidan Reveals Shocking Secrets About His Life of Fame

Retired Saudi Presenter Badr Al Zaidan Reveals Shocking Secrets About His Life of Fame

Saudi YouTuber Abdullah Al Allawai has hosted retired Saudi presenter Badr Al Zaidan.

Viewers were pleased to see Badr again after his sudden disappearance, especially since he seems to be doing well in his new life.

In the YouTube show “A Thousand Steps”, Al Zaidan sported a navy thawb while holding a beads chain in his hand, keeping his signature beard and hairstyle the same.

The retired Saudi presenter talked about how he had reached fame in a young age, and the obstacles he’d faced until he was able to reach and work at the channel of his dreams, MBC, and how he turned himself from an amateur to a professional.

He added that his schedule had became so busy and he was happy at first, but he neglected himself and his family because of the work load.

Badr said that everything from the outside looks beautiful, even the media profession, explaining that whoever sees him believes that he’s leading a happy life, which was not true, as fame is full of duplicity, because he sometimes has to smile while he feels bad.

He said that the mistake of a presenter or the person who appears on screen is not acceptable, which makes him more anxious, increasing the psychological pressure.

Badr Al Zaidan talked about his experience with depression, and said that it began when he lost enjoyment of everything, and discovered that he was kidnapped by fame in the early twenties, to find himself neglecting himself and his life in the early thirties, which made him feel unhappy, and neglected his intellectual health and social relations and neglect of his family and friends .

He added that he followed the method of concealment, as he used to laugh constantly and smile in front of people, except that he used to cry when he was alone, especially when taking a shower. And he added that he was able to return to his normal life, and he returned to his family, and gain his healthy weight returned, and he was able to get rid of that period thanking God for this.

Al Zaidan also decided to retire from media and fame in order to preserve his mental health, leaving Dubai where he used to live and leaving all the temptations of life in terms of money and fame.

Zaidan stated about depression that he hated “the mother of life,” as he said, and that he might have thought of suicide.

At the end of the episode, Al Zidan received a call from his mother, who praised his decision and offered him an advice.

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