Retired Quarterback Jay Cutler Talks Life After the NFL: “I’m Dad Bod”

Retired Quarterback Jay Cutler Talks Life After the NFL: "I'm Dad Bod"

The Chicago Bears’ longtime quarterback played 12 seasons of professional football before his 2017 retirement. Two years later, Jay Cutler is a dedicated outdoors-man and hands-on parent to his and Kristin Cavallari‘s three children.

“I’m dad bod,” he laughs in this clip from tonight’s new Very Cavallari, responding to a question from fellow NFL retiree Zach Miller about his current workout regimen. Over dinner with his former Bears teammate during a trip to the Windy City—Cavallari, also present, sits next to Miller’s wife Kristen across the table—Cutler assures the group, “I’m OK with it.”

“Hey, as long as you embrace it,” replies Miller, who ended his tenure with the Bears in 2019 and spends most of today’s clip gleaning post-pro football tips from his old friend. Understandably, Cutler says he’s still navigating the new chapter himself.

“There’s just a lot of time you’ve got to fill,” the athlete relays. “And I think some people figure it out pretty quickly, and other people don’t.”

But Cutler’s responsibilities to his kids keep him busy, and he stays active playing basketball with some of their classmates’ fathers. Plus, “He mows the lawn three times a week,” Cavallari chimes in happily.

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