Regulator warns Germany’s gas situation is tense and could worsen

Germany’s gas supply situation is currently guaranteed but the situation is tense and further deterioration cannot be ruled out, the country’s network regulator said after Russia’s Gazprom extended an outage of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline.

Russia scrapped a Saturday deadline to resume flows via the pipeline, saying it had found an oil leak in a turbine during maintenance.

“The defects alleged by the Russian side are not a technical reason for the halt of operations,” the regulator said in its daily gas situation report.

On Friday evening, Gazprom said it had detected an oil leak in a turbine and would not resume gas supply to Germany via Nord Stream 1 until it had been fixed. It said the repairs can only be carried out at a specially fitted workshop.

Flows through Nord Stream 1 were due to resume early on Saturday morning. But hours before it was set to start pumping gas, Gazprom published a photo on Friday of what it said was an oil leak on a piece of Nord Stream 1 equipment.

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