Rayan Jailer Wishes Death to His Own Father in 2021 (Video)

After claiming that Lojain Omran is his mother who abandoned him, and Rawan Bin Hussain’s ex husband Youssef Magariaf sent him obscene pictures; Now Rayan Jailer is wishing death to his own father!

Talentless Saudi social media star Rayan Jailer has decided to take controversy to a whole new level in 2021.

He welcomed the new year with yet another weird story that is completely against society and human standards, wishing death to a parent.

In a lengthy video he posted on Snapchat, Rayan said that his father is wrongful and irresponsible towards him since he was born.

As if he was reading an official statement written by a professional lawyer, Rayan justified his irregular behavior: ‘If one of the parents does not fulfill his duty towards his children, this will be reflected negatively on the children, and the son will react with abuse and disobedience.’

For the new year, Rayan literally wished death to his father.

‘My wish for the New Year is that my Lord takes the soul of the oppressor, comforting him and relieving the oppressed from him … And my wish is that my Lord takes my father’s soul to his mercy, and this is my most important wish for the New Year and what is more beautiful than the mercy of my Lord.’

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