Rayan Jailer Heavily Criticized for Parading FIVE Bodyguards (Video)

The new social media obsession motto goes: the more the followers you have, the more bodyguards you should get!

Yesterday, Saudi social media star Rayan Jailer has shared a bizarre video with his 861k followers on Instagram.

The famous young man – we’re not quite sure what he’s famous for though- was walking among the crowds carrying a puppy; giving us a Paris Hilton flashback.

To add more fuel to the fire, Rayan surrounded himself with five huge bodyguards, without explaining the reason behind that.

According to Jailer’s followers, the social media icon’s intention was to provoke people, especially with the caption he left on the video.

He wrote: “People do not reach the garden of success unless they pass through stations of fatigue, failure and despair, and who has a strong will does not stand long in these stations. The joker Rayan Jailer”.

The video went viral on social media and Rayan was ridiculed and asked about what he’s been doing other than sparking controversy.

One follower commented: “He hired them to be photographed with them”, while another added: “What success are you talking about? What is your talent and what did you present to humanity?”, “You are not famous, stop parading.”

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