Rawan Bin Hussain Reveals Her Husband’s Face for the First Time

Rawan Bin Hussain Reveals Her Husband's Face for the First Time

Kuwaiti fashionista Rawan Bin Hussein gave birth to her first child last weekend, and named her baby daughter Luna.

It’s a well-known fact that Rawan has never revealed her husband’s identity and had never shared any pictures of his face. However, Luna’s birth changed it all, and the ‘happy papa’ has finally revealed his identity.

Rawan’s husband name is Youssef Magariaf and he’s a Libyan business man.

Fans discovered it was him when a fan page published a photo of Magariaf holding a baby with the caption “Princess Luna and Papa.”

There was also speculation about his connection to Rawan in the past, as the couple were known to have had a fallout in the past.

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