Rawan Bin Hussain: ‘Let’s Open A New Book’ After Branding Her Husband a ‘RAPIST’

Rawan Bin Hussain: 'Let's Open A New Book' After Branding Her Husband a 'RAPIST'

Kuwaiti fashionista Rawan Bin Hussein ended the statements about her separation from husband, Libyan businessman Youssef Al-Maqrif, pointing out that she wanted to share her story with fans and will follow their stories to support them; confirming that she currently wants to live happily with her daughter Luna.


In an Instagram Story, Rawan wrote: “May be to some of you, I said too much, but I believe that sharing “parts of my story” is for bigger message I exist in this world for. To encourage millions of women of similar circumstances not to fall into the same trap … monsters should be exposed. You might not be the first victim, but you can be the last one if you SPEAK UP. I promise you, when I restore my sanity, I will give all my support to you. And for those spreading rumors, I never wanted anything but to have my own little family, and now? Only I want is me & Luna living happily and far away from this.”

Bin Hussain put a closure to this scandal, saying: “End of story & never talking about this chapter again. LETS OPEN A NEW BOOK!”

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