Rawan Bin Hussain: I Decided to Practice Money Laundering (Video)

Rawan Bin Hussain: I Decided to Practice Money Laundering (Video)

A video of Kuwaiti fashionista Rawan Bin Hussain went viral on social media after she mocked Kuwaiti influencers involved in the famous case of “money laundering” in the State of Kuwait.

In the Snapchat video, Rawan said: “I will tell you something but don’t get me wrong. I see money laundering gets homes and buys apartments, cars, watches and travel tickets, and here I am I do one ad a month promoting lipstick to cover my rent.”

She joked: “I decided to practice money laundering .. give me the money of laundering quickly.”

The video provoked reactions of followers, as some were surprised to see Rawan joke about such a case although she is a law student and she might be investigated for that.

While others said that she is publishing this video to keep the eye away from her, and that she is among the first celebrities involved in money laundering.

However a third party got along with Rawan and considered her video as a mere joke.

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