Rare Picture of Carla Haddad and Tony Abou Jaoude’s Wedding 16 Years Ago

Rare Picture of Carla Haddad and Tony Abou Jaoude's Wedding 16 Years Ago

Lebanese anchor Carla Haddad has tied the knot to Wael Kassis on September 8th.

The wedding ceremony was held at Saint Nicolas Church in Ballouneh, as social media users have circulated pictures of the newlyweds.

Later on, Carla posted the official wedding pictures on her Instagram.

The Lebanese beauty also shared the congratulatory messages she’d received from friends and fans.

However her ex husband Lebanese comedian Tony Abou Jaoude chose not to comment on Carla’s wedding, nor greet her via a direct message or a unique post on his social media.

Since Carla’a marriage news broke, fans started digging into her past relationships and searched for her old wedding pictures to Tony.

Because the marriage took place 16 years ago, an era without social media, Carla and Tony’s wedding pictures are not as popular as her second wedding pictures.

Here is a rare picture we were able to find for you that can give you a glimpse of the ex couple’s wedding.


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