Ramez Galal Receives an Early Warning Before Filming 2021 Prank Show

Will we see Ramez Galal presenting a new prank show in 2021?!

Egyptian presenter and actor Ramez Galal has received a warning from Media Syndicate in Egypt regarding presenting his coming prank show next Ramadan, as he has not applied for a permit to practice the profession from the Media Syndicate yet.

Media Syndicate Captain Tareq Saadah said that Ramez Galal is a presenter by law and practices the profession without a permit, adding that he’s breaking the law.

He also warned Ramez that if he presents any show next Ramadan he will be held accountable.

Separately, Tareq Saadah pointed out that the types of shows that mock guests and elude them are unacceptable, urging channels to present a more meaningful content in the holy month of Ramadan.

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