Ramez Galal 2021 Ramadan Show: The Coronavirus Prank and Nermine El-Feky Is a Confirmed Victim

Watch out celebrities in Dubai cuz Ramez Galal could be after you!

Ramez Galal prank show has almost become a tradition in Ramadan in the Arab world.

And for the 2021 version, details of the show have been unfolding.

According to Nawaret online magazine, this year’s show will be filmed in Dubai, and some unconfirmed reports stated that the prank is going to be related to Covid-19.

Annahar Lebanese newspaper reported that Ramez has finished filming 10 episodes of the show so far, and victims will include Zamalek SC players Tareq Hamed, Ferjani Sassi and Ashraf bin Sharqi.

Nawaret added that Lebanese singers Assi El-Hellani and Ragheb Alama are also on the list of victims.

One victim has been confirmed so far, she is Egyptian actress Nermine El-Feky. She posted a selfie on Instagram confirming that she fell for the prank.

It has not been confirmed yet if Ramez will hire a presenter to the show to act as a bait who invites guests to the show, just like he did in previous years and brought Arwa and Neshan as hosts.

Annahar newspaper pointed out that Ramez Galal is currently facing some difficulties in his show as some celebrities are refusing to travel in fear of catching the virus.

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