Ragheb Alama’s Shocking Message To Fadel Shaker: Hand Yourself Over To the Police!

Ragheb Alama made some shocking statements.

Lebanese songster Ragheb Alama has been hosted by Samar Yousri during her talk show Youm Lik (A Day For You) aired on Hayat TV.

Samar asked Ragheb that if has a message for fellow artist Fadel Shaker, what would it be?

Ragheb’s answer was a bit shocking, as he said: “I would like to tell Fadel Shaker to hand yourself to Lebanese Army, as it would be a better place than the one you are in, because you sinned against the army, against yourself, and against your children.”

Alama continued: “From the day I saw him in the face of Lebanese Army, he became to mean nothing to me and I don’t follow his news anymore, although I loved him and helped him in the beginning.”

About Lebanese songstress Elissa, Ragheb said: “I collaborated with Elissa on one duet, and I did not know her name at that time, she was still new and the producer brought me a song, and I told him that I would sing it with her, even though there were bigger stars at the time.”

Of George Wassouf, Ragheb said: “I love him very much, he is a landmark in the singing world and one of the kindest people and I love to sit with him, and I like to listen to his songs very much.”

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