Ragheb Alama Reignites Social Media With His Comment on Nancy Ajram’s Intruder Murder Case

Ragheb Alama Reignites Social Media With His Comment on Nancy Ajram's Intruder Murder Case

Lebanese super star Ragheb Alama emphasized his view once more regarding the case of a thief who was shot and killed upon breaking into Nancy Ajram’s house.

Ragheb said in an interview on Al-Arabiya channel that the reaction of Nancy Ajram’s husband was natural.

He spoke about the misinformation and hysteria that today’s social communication channels creates, noting that people will write whatever they want about the matter.

Alama said he had already announced his position on the case, expressing sympathy for Nancy and her husband Dr. Fadi El Hachem.

On the other hand, he did not hesitate to express his sympathy for the late thief’s children, saying they shouldn’t have to bear the burden of the incident. He was especially sympathetic to the fact that they will grow up to discover that their father was killed in front of other children.

The video caused a massive hype on social media, once again igniting a debate with contradicting opinions.

When the incident first occurred, Ragheb Alama was quick to give his thoughts, writing: “Thank God for the safety of my friend and artist Nancy Ajram and her family following this attack on her home. The Lebanese must defend Nancy and other real ambassadors, who bring happiness to the people and the country. Well done Dr. Fadi for defending his family. It is the duty of officials to stand for Nancy and her family.”

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