Rabih Al-Asmar Suffers a Heart Attack (Pictures)

Lebanese artist Rabih Al-Asmar has suffered a heart attack on Tuesday evening and was subsequently transferred to the hospital during his stay in the Syrian capital, Damascus.

And the official Facebook page of the Lebanese artist, Rabih Al-Asmar, published pictures of him during the provision of first aid after he was urgently transferred to the hospital.

The pictures were captioned: “Artist, Rabih Al-Asmar, has suffered a heart attack in Damascus a while ago and was treated to Al-Asadi Hospital in the capital, Damascus, may God grant him a speedy recovery.’

Rabih’s health condition has not yet been revealed, and whether he will stay in the hospital for a long time, or if he will be discharged after a few hours.

Messages from Rabih’s followers poured on social media, wishing him a speedy recovery and a return to continuing his career, while some expressed their concern about the health of their star.

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