Qataris make over 1,200 trips to and from the UAE since Jan. 9

Qataris traveling between the UAE and the State made over one thousand trips, since the two nations restored their relations, trade and transport links in January.

Following the signing of the AlUla declaration in early January, the UAE reopened land, sea and air borders with Qatar on January 9, after over 3 years of severed ties. This permitted direct flights and granted visa-free entry to Qataris.

Of the 1,230 trips made since January 9, the majority were inbound into the UAE, the government found.

Etihad Airways will soon resume flights between Abu Dhabi and Doha in mid-February while Fly Dubai and Qatar Airways already started operating flights between the two capitals.

A source from the UAE government told state media The National that Qatari citizens residing in the UAE were in the thousands, with the country committed to “minimize any negative consequences” for them.

Back in June 2017, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE all cut ties with Qatar. This essentially affected, not only their diplomatic ties, but trade and transport as well.

The UAE government has said that they expect a further increase in travel between the two countries.

“With Qatari cars already being spotted on the streets of the UAE, travel between the two countries is expected to rise in the coming period,” a government source told The National.

“Throughout the termination of relations… the UAE worked to ensure equal access among Qatari citizens in the UAE to healthcare, judicial services, education, and their enjoyment of family life.”

A hotline and visa website which was previously set up to aid Qataris in the UAE during the period of severed diplomatic ties will soon be deactivated.

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