Puppy Love: 45 Dogs Saved From China’s Meat Trade Are in The US

For the second straight day, puppy love was in the air at JFK Airport after a shipment of dogs rescued from China’s meat trade arrived in the United States.

No Dogs Left Behind, which runs a shelter in Beijing, has been on a mission to rescue dogs from China’s meat trade and find them new homes in the US since the organization was founded in 2016.

They brought 34 dogs to the United States via JFK on Friday evening, where they were quickly united with new owners.

And another 45 dogs arrived to JFK on Saturday afternoon after a long trip on Air China, The New York Post reports.

On the ground at the airport were families ready to take home the dogs some arranged to adopt from China months ago, sight unseen.

Instagram user ‘avonjunkies’ posted about the arrival of his new dog, named Floyd, and said he was ‘eternally grateful’ to No Dogs Left Behind for uniting them.

Another Instagram user, ‘dancehalllovenyc,’ posted on their Instagram Story, ‘Tiger getting ready to go home’ with three heart emojis and a picture of Tiger getting into its carrier.

They also posted an image of Tiger meeting its new human adopted mother.

Yesterday’s flight was missing several dogs who sadly died before they were able to make the trip to the United States, according to the New York Post.

No Dogs Left Behind is investigating what happened to the dogs, as there was no explanation given to their deaths.

Despite that setback, the work continues for No Dogs Left Behind, which wants to bring a total of 135 dogs to the United States by the early part of 2021.

On Facebook, Jessica Bush posted a video and photo of one of the adoptions, writing ‘What a day! Met the new adopted member of our family Lola from No Dogs Left Behind at JFK today, as they came in from China. Thank you Jeffrey Beri and your wonderfully compassionate team. Lola is adapting very quickly! We love her. Carly Weinstein so very happy!’

Activist charity No Dogs Left Behind was founded by 56-year-old Jeff Beri.

Beri along with his team have managed to save thousands of dogs since 2017 and employ various tactics, usually under cover of darkness, in order to save the pups from certain doom.

‘This by far is the largest transport that we have done,’ he said.

‘These dogs… are my heroes, the adopters are my heroes who’ve waited for their dogs for almost a year now and every dog that walks the streets is an ambassador for the cruelty-free movement that we’re fighting for.

‘Dead, on the plate, skinned alive, boiled alive, blowtorched, beaten to death. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a poodle, whether or not it’s a German Shepherd, a Golden Retriever, a mutt, doesn’t matter if it’s a Chinese dog, they don’t care.’

The team usually confront the illegal traffickers directly and threaten to turn them into the Chinese authorities where they could face hefty fines.

‘The fines exceed the cost of the meat, which is why they turn them over,’ Beri said.

They have even been known to use drones in order to track down the meat sellers.

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