Psychic Medium Matt Fraser Brings Pageant Coach to Tears During Impromptu Reading

Psychic Medium Matt Fraser Brings Pageant Coach to Tears During Impromptu Reading

Only Matt Fraser could bring tough as nails pageant coach Lu Sierra to tears.

In this bonus footage from season one of Meet the Frasers (premiering Monday, Jan 13.), the Rhode Island-based psychic medium shocks the famed pageant coach with a message from the other side. Specifically, after noticing “a conga line full of dead people” behind the runway maven, Fraser decides to connect with the model’s late grandmother.

“She’s so strong around you,” Fraser shares with Sierra. “Did she help raise you when you were younger?”

“Yes! And she used to say, ‘Keep an eye on that one, ’cause she’s different!'” the pageant expert confirms. “She used to say that all the time.”

It doesn’t take long for Fraser to hone in on the special bond between Sierra and her deceased grandparent. In fact, through the spirit, the new E! personality highlights how Sierra was “the woman of the house” at a young age.

“She loved that about you,” Fraser continues. “She tells me you used to have girl time in the kitchen with her—and sit at the counter with her.”

This resonates deeply Sierra, who reveals she “loved cooking with her grandmother.”

As Fraser begins to touch on more personal aspects of their relationship, Sierra understandably tries to fight back tears.

“She says to me, the one thing she wants you to know is how proud she is of you,” the clairvoyant adds. “She says, ‘I’m so proud…you remind me so much of myself. ‘Cause, you did this all on your own.'”

Unsurprisingly, Sierra struggles with her emotions as Fraser assures her that her grandmother is with her “every single day.” Not to mention, Fraser gives Sierra closure after she failed to be at her grandmother’s death bed.

“She says, ‘I did not want her to see me like that,'” the Meet the Frasers psychic confirms. “Your grandmother says, ‘Listen, I wanted you to do one thing.’ She says, ‘Just focus on you, focus on your goals, focus on your dreams and your career.'”

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