Prison Break’s Saudi Fans SHOCKED That Wentworth Miller Is Gay!

Prison Break's Saudi Fans SHOCKED That Wentworth Miller Is Gay!

Saudi Twitter users launched the hashtag #مايكل_سكوفيلد (Michael Scofield), the fictional protagonist of the series Prison Break portrayed by Wentworth Miller, and started circulating footage of him.

Prison Break’s Saudi fans expressed their admiration of Michael Scofield character, that Wentworth Miller skillfully performed.

While there was no specific reason behind remembering the five-season series, the hashtag started as one fan recalled “Michael Scofield” to gain wide interaction among the Saudis.

Few hours later, tweeps started digging into Miller’s personal life discovering that he is gay, to the point that when you type Michael Scofield in Arabic in Twitter search box, the word “gay” pops up in the suggestions.

Despite admiring Wentworth Miller’s outstanding performance in the series, Saudi fans were disappointed to learn that their favorite star is gay.

A female fan tweeted: “May I say that when I discover that any actor or actress is gay, I lose respect for them whoever they are. I used to admire his (Miller) acting and powerful role, but today when I came to know that he’s gay, I’m feeling disgusted.”

While another one joked: “God damn it he turned out to be gay.. at least let me finish the final season.”

However, before Saudi fans learned about Wentworth Miller’s sexuality, they praised him.

Among the comments, one user said: “This series is heroic in the full sense of the word, everything is realistic and plans are logical, and Schofield was incredible in a way that I can’t describe.”

Another one said: “Michael Schofield is the most powerful creative artist you can see in your life.”

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