Princess Diana – Fond Memories

The Hussein family of photographers have recorded decades of exclusive candid moments for the British royal family. Anwar Hussein and his sons, Zak and Samir, famously went beyond the tradition of formal portraits to capture casual snapshots of the royals, including Lady Diana Spencer.

Now, 140 of the Husseins’ photos and the stories behind them are being shared in the Princess Diana Exhibition, a first of its kind walk-through documentary. Enhanced by original art installations based on her famous outfits, guests can experience Diana’s life from young girl to princess to celebrity to icon.

“She used to go to the Polo to see Prince Charles play, and she used to bring the kids Harry and William to play around, and we were there too playing around,” shares Zak Hussein. “It was like we were around Diana in those times when we were kids. And it kind of became more of a normal thing. So seeing it when we were younger meant we weren’t so starstruck when later on we started doing it ourselves.”

Zak and Samir are honored to work alongside their father, who is the longest living royal photographer in history. As they capture the legacy of the next generation of the royal family, they’re continuing the legacy of their own family.

“She would have been 60 years old this year. So this is a great time to tell her story,” event creative director Clifton Skelliter tells us. “I think what she represents, she was just such a kind, generous, thoughtful, and empathetic human being.

“We need more of that in the world. And so to have that icon still in the public mind, and for us to be able to share this beautiful story, I think the timing is perfect.”

And for Zak, documenting the life of such an iconic person was a great honor.

“It’s a privilege to be one of the few people to get that close up and personal with the royals and to document history in front of you,” Zak says. “These people that the whole world knows, that are familiar to everyone, so it is a privilege to be one of the few people that photograph them regularly.”

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