Pooping Shot in Latifa’s New Music Video Backfires.. Watch!

Pooping Shot in Latifa's New Music Video Backfires.. Watch!

Tunisian singer Latifa, 51, is still the hot topic on social media since the moment she released her new song Fel Ahlam (In Dreams) from her next album, The Strongest One.

The controversy began with the lyrics of her new song, especially when she says: “You check out this lady and that lady and chat before you sleep. You even take your phone with you to the bathroom.”

However, the bigger issue was when Latifa released a video clip of the new song yesterday. In one scene, a man appeared sitting on the toilet seat while holding his phone in the bathroom, an exact depiction of the lyrics. The scene subjected Latifa to heavy criticism.

Most of the comments stressed that the scene was “disgusting”, and people mocked Latifa for filming in the bathroom, criticizing her for choosing such an odd location for the shoot when there are other perfectly decent options.

Others expressed their opinion of the song itself, saying it does not suit a songstress like Latifa, who has a long history of a successful career singing quality music.

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