Poll: Dubai’s Fitness Challengers Want to Boost Their Immunity

Nearly half of Dubai’s 30×30 ‘fitness challengers’ joined the citywide event this year because they wanted to boost their immunity, a new poll has revealed.

The Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC), which started on October 30 and would conclude tomorrow, has made safety a priority as it encouraged residents and visitors of the emirate to get active for 30 days. Besides fitness hubs bustling with socially distanced sessions, home workouts were also made available to all.

Market research firm YouGov found that 45 per cent of participants who took up this challenge primarily to improve their immune system in the time of Covid-19.

Nearly one in three (28 per cent) participated to try the stay-home workout sessions, and just as many signed up to take a break from staying at home due to the pandemic (27 per cent).

Though several participants cited reasons related to Covid, the majority — or 64 per cent — took part in the fitness frenzy to keep themselves motivated and stay fit. Motivation for good health was also the key reason for participation last year.

The pandemic has pushed many people to focus on fitness and transform their lifestyles. Despite Covid-19, two-thirds (67 per cent) of those aware of the DFC participated this year, compared to 75 per cent last year.

Some 33 per cent did not participate this time. Among them, fear of catching the infection was the main reason (as said by 34 per cent), while another 17 per cent did not take part out of concern for social distancing practiced at the venues.

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