Political deal based on sparing of Sudanese blood: PM Hamdok

The sparing of Sudanese blood and the preservation of gains made in the recent past are the bases of the political agreement reached with the military, Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok said during a sit-down interview.

“The political agreement was made based on sparing the blood of the Sudanese and preserving the gains made. There is no alternative to dialogue in Sudan and we are working towards reaching the elections,” Hamdok said on Tuesday.

“The elections will open the way for the consolidation of democracy in Sudan,” he added.

The Sudanese military reached a deal with Hamdok on Sunday that reinstated him as the head of a new technocratic Cabinet ahead of eventual elections. But the agreement has angered Sudan’s pro-democracy movement, which accuses Hamdok of allowing himself to serve as a fig leaf for continued military rule.

“I personally don’t think about my popularity, but about the interest of the Sudanese people. The Forces for Freedom and Change in Sudan will remain effective,” he said.

Hamdok also said the current priority of the government is for the release all political detainees at the soonest available time.

“We support the release of all political detainees, without exception,” Hamdok said.

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