Polish Mountaineer Becomes the First Woman to Scale Nepal’s Mt. Manaslu Without Oxygen

While the debate about the summit of Manaslu rages climbers keep heading up the mountain. A significant number continue to claim success.

A mountaineer from Zakopane has become the first woman in the world to scale Nepal’s Mt. Manaslu without oxygen – and the first Polish woman to then ski down it.

Anna Tybor is safely back at Base Camp skiing down Mt Manaslu after she reached the summit of the world’s eighth highest mountain without using supplementary oxygen.

Setting off on 27 September, Anna took just two days to reach the top of the eighth highest mountain in the world before beginning her descent of the 8,163-metre peak, reaching base camp about 6 pm on 30th September.

She inherited her mountain passion, love for skiing and sporting passion from her parents: her mother is an active Tatra mountain guide, and her father was an international mountain guide and TOPR rescuer. Anna Tybor has been living in the Italian Livigno for several years and is a mountain rescuer in the local Soccorso Alpino.

Manaslu is the eighth-highest mountain in the world at 8,163 meters above sea level. It is in the Mansiri Himal, part of the Nepalese Himalayas, in the west-central part of Nepal. The name Manaslu means “mountain of the spirit” and is derived from the Sanskrit word manasa, meaning “intellect” or “soul”.

The first downhill skiing that started near the top of Manaslu took place in 1981. The first woman to leave Manaslu with oxygen was Emma Jack. In 2009, she started descending just below the summit and descending in one place. In 2011, Adrian Ballinger and Sergey Baranove made a descent from the summit but were interrupted by an avalanche caused by Adrian. Now Anna Tybor has traveled the same way.

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