Police Look For Plague Doctor Dressed in 17th Century Attire

Police Look For Plague Doctor Dressed in 17th Century Attire

Police are looking for someone who has been going for their daily walks while dressed as a 17th century plague doctor during the coronavirus lockdown. 

People in Norwich have spotted the person wearing a long black cloak, hat and pointed beak-like mask.

Many people in the community are worried the outfit will frighten children and have reported the plague doctor to the police.

Jade Gosbell, who saw the walker, said: ‘It was like 20 degrees, he was wearing a full black suit, it just looked ridiculous.’

‘It’s clearly for attention or something like that, because normal people just wouldn’t do that.’

Jade said she was worried her mum, who has a phobia of masks, would bump into the person in costume.

‘Kids would be frightened, my mum would be frightened, however some people really don’t think it’s that deep, they just think that he’s having a laugh, he’s just trying to find something to do with himself during isolation and lockdown,’ she said.

Norfolk Police said that they were aware of the individual and that they would like to identify them to ‘provide words of advice about the implications of his actions’.

During the plague in the 17th century European doctors would wear the outfit when they tended to patients because they believed the outfits could purify poisonous air.

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