Pink Wants to ‘Do the Right Thing’ for Australia, Her Home Away from Home

Pink Wants to 'Do the Right Thing' for Australia, Her Home Away from Home

Pink considers Australia to be her “second home”, amid the “terrifying” fires that are ripping through the country.

The ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ singer and her husband Carey Hart have already donated $500,000 to help local fire services in Australia battle against the devastating fires, and Pink has now said her decision to donate came as she wanted to “do the right thing” for the country she considers her home away from home.

Pink, 40, was also determined to show her children – eight-year-old Willow and three-year-old Jameson – how to “get involved as an ordinary civilian”.

She explained: “I can show [my kids] by example of how you can get involved as an ordinary civilian and that one voice does matter and that sometimes you got to speak up and stand alone and fight for what you believe in. Australia is my second home, so that was a no brainer. I’m a Californian and fires are terrifying, and you got to do the right thing. You’ve got to be able at the end of the day, look yourself in the mirror and make eye contact and feel good about who you are.”
Carey, 44, shared the same sentiment, adding because they “live a very fortunate life”, they felt they should “give back” to support people going through difficult times.

He said: “We live a very fortunate life. I think it’s extremely important in our household to give back and support people, animals, countries that aren’t so fortunate.”

And the generosity of the couple is already starting to rub off on Willow, as Carey said the youngster is passionate about raising money for animals.

He added to Us Weekly magazine: “Willow’s taken it upon herself to get really behind raising money for different animals. She’s done stuff for all kinds of different animal groups. She’s done that on her own.”

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