Pictures: Arab Facebook Users’ Comments Anger Emilia Clarke

Social media users circulated a short clip for Egyptian artist Amro Mustafa.

The clip featured Kanet Ayyam singer angry in an interview that was aired last year in the holy month of Ramadan, Amro can be heared saying angrily: ‘fe Ramadan, fe Ramadan’ which translates ”in Ramdan? in Ramadan?”

Twitter users used the short clip as a meme in every comment for the bold and ‘inappropriate’ posts during the month of Ramadan.

Mustafa’s clip was used not only on Arab celebs’ posts, but also on the posts of international celebrities including English actress Emilia Clarke, a fan posted the video in the comment section as a reply to a photo Clarke shared on her Facebook page.

Seconds later, fans from the Arab world started using the video excessively and also as a photo, until it became annoying to the actress.

Emilia then annoyingly replied to the comment section, ‘stop sending this photo to me’, many Arab followers mocked the Me Before You actress for her lack of knowledge of the video, and of composer Amro Mustafa.

The photo Emilia shared featured her holding baby toy dragons in reference for ‘Game of Thrones’ ”I will never forget my children” she captioned.


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