Picture: Can Yaman almost fully naked

In new recent picture published by Turkish star Can Yaman, the actor showed off his athletic physique as he modeled in DolceGabbana underwear.

Can Yaman shared a series of snaps, pics and videos to promote the newest DolceGabbana collection for it underwear line.

And the Turkish actor appeared half nude in most of the posts, in one of the short clips, Can Yaman can be seen bathing in a shower, then he takes the DolceGabbana boxers, puts them on, while displaying the abs on his body.

Other videos shows Can Yaman dressing up in a suit, while the camera person take a closeup shot on his v-line, abs and chest area.

Some social media users. Criticized the actor’s look, claiming it is inappropriate to appear online with him being almost fully naked.

Others praised his courage, and his athletic body, adding that they loved the promotional videos.

Taking to his Instagram, Can shared pictures of him wearing nothing but white Dolce and Gabbana briefs, while he was sitting on a bench in what looks like a locker room, he captioned the post: ”Since my arrival in Italy I have felt the embrace and closeness of a brand that perfectly represents sensuality and elegance and that I have had the privilege of wearing on every important occasion with pride and pleasure.

I thank Stefano and Domenico for the trust they immediately showed me. I’m proud of this project that finally sees us united ”

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