Pick Up Limes: Plant-Based Lifestyle Served With Afghan Heart

Sadia Badiei’s stories on Instagram, give the Afghan crisis a personal touch. 

Sadia Badiei is the founder of Pick Up Limes. She started sometime around 2014 when she was making the transition to a vegan lifestyle.

A couple of years later, on a 6-month backpacking trip, she met Robin on a beautiful beach in Thailand. They traveled together for many weeks. Just a few months later she moved from Canada to live with Robin in the Netherlands. There she decided to take her hobby of creating and sharing recipes a little bit more seriously.

“I started to post recipes as a hobby and wasn’t sharing what I made with anyone aside from my own family.” Sadia

She posted her first YouTube video in January of 2017. After about 6 months, the channel blossomed.


Our aim at PUL is simple: to share resources on living a vibrant and uncomplicated life fuelled by plant-based foods, and to share simple vegan recipes that are nutritious, delicious, and visually appealing.
Pick Up Limes

Recent events in Afghanistan meant that Sadia decided to get a bit personal. Both her parents are from Afghanistan. They left the country at a very young age because of the war. They decided to emigrate to Canada. So she was born on a journey, in Pakistan in 1991.


“I’m the youngest of 3 girls, a daughter to Afghan parents who risked their lives and fled from their beloved homeland during the war of 1979. My mum was 9 months pregnant with their first child.⁣⁣⁣⁣”


She continues:

From the stories my parents share, it was a forward-thinking nation. My mum went to school, got to choose who she wanted to marry, and I’m still in awe of their good fashion sense back then.⁣⁣⁣⁣

Looking at the current situation in Afghanistan Sadia is worried about women and girls in the country.

This is the start of the darkest times for the families and especially girls and women in Afghanistan. They will be stripped of their rights, forced into marriages, forbidden to leave the house without a male, forced to wear burqas, forbidden to go to school.


She hopes that Afghanistan can return to the beautiful country it once was.

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