Photos: Sheepshead fish known for its ‘human teeth’ caught in US

A fish with human-like teeth was caught in the US at a fishing destination called Jennette’s Piece in the state of North Carolina.

A photo of the 9-pound sheepshead fish went viral on social media shortly after it was published showing a full set of teeth with the caption “#bigteethbigtimes.”

According to the BBC, this type of fish has “several rows of molars for crushing prey,” adding that it may have gotten its name “due to its mouth looking like the mouth of a sheep.”

The fish was caught by fisherman Nathan Martin who said he was hoping to catch a sheepshead fish, and that it’s a tasty type of fish.

“It’s a very good fight when you’re fighting on the line, it’s a really good catch, and it tastes very good,” Martin told McClatchy News.

The Facebook post was shared nearly 900 times and garnered over 300 comments.

“Is that where dentures come from?” one Facebook user asked.

Another said, “Better teeth than most the fishermen trying to catch them!”

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