Perfectly Healthy: UK’s Youngest Woman at 21 Dies From Covid-19

Perfectly Healthy: UK’s Youngest Woman at 21 Dies From Covid-19

A 21-year-old woman with no pre-existing medical conditions has died from the coronavirus, her family has said.

Chloe Middleton is thought to be the youngest victim in the UK to have no underlying medical conditions.

Her mother Diane Middleton posted a heartbreaking tribute to her daughter today on social media.

Writing on Facebook Mrs Middleton, who lives in Buckinghamshire said: ‘To all the people out there that thinks it’s just a virus please think again speaking from a personal experience this so called virus has taken the life of my 21 year old daughter.’

So far in the UK there have been 424 deaths from the virus and 8,077 confirmed cases.

Tributes from across the UK poured in for the young woman who is thought to have attended Wycombe Grange.

Her aunt, Emily Mistry confirmed the youngster had ‘no underlying health conditions’.

She confirmed her niece had died of the virus and said the family is ‘shattered beyond belief’.

The reality of this virus is only just unfolding before our very eyes. Please, please adhere to government guidelines. DO YOUR BIT. Protect yourselves and protect others!! The virus isn’t spreading, PEOPLE are spreading the virus.

Life as we know it has changed dramatically but unless we all act now to protect ourselves and others, the longer this turmoil and anguish will go on….

Rest in peace Chloe. Until we meet again….’

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