Palestinian Cuisine –Talk in London

The Mosaic Room in London is hosting renowned Palestinian chef Fadi Kattan, community organiser Omar Hmidat and writer Nayrouz Qarmout for a conversation about heritage and Palestinian cuisine.

They talk about dishes which have survived and been adapted in the diasporas and in Palestine, from before the Nakba, and how they relate to questions of identity. They will also look at the importance of food and recycling as a strategy for protecting the environment and forms of agriculture. As part of the event, Fadi Kattan will serve Burbara – a festive, sweet wheat dish – served across communities and religions in Bethlehem and beyond.


Fadi Kattan is an internationally renowned authority on modern Palestinian cuisine. He grew up in Bethlehem where he inherited his love of food from his two grandmothers. In 2015 Fadi opened his own restaurant, Fawda, in Bethlehem. Alongside his restaurant, he pioneered the region’s first food tours, where visitors could explore the markets of Bethlehem, meet farmers and artisans, and taste unusual herbs, raw cheese and fresh taboun bread.

He combines worldly influences in his cuisine, a desire for perfection and a passion for sharing the stories of the local foragers, gardeners, farmers and cooks that have shaped the culinary heritage of Palestine. Fadi will be bringing the taste of Palestine to London in 2022, with the opening of Akub.

Omar Hmidat is a community organiser, filmmaker and transdisciplinary researcher from Palestine. He holds a Master’s degree in Forensic Research Architecture from Goldsmiths. He is a Co-director & Steering Committee Member of the Masha3 Critical Practice Studio (CPS), a residency and research practice summer school in Dheisheh refugee camp.

Nayrouz Qarmout is a journalist, author and women’s rights campaigner. Born in Yarmouk Refugee Camp, Damascus, in 1984, as a Palestinian refugee, she was ‘returned’ to the Gaza Strip at the age of 11 as part of the 1994 Oslo Peace Accord, where she now lives. She used to work in the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, raising awareness of gender issues and promoting the political and economic role of women in policy, law, and the media.

She has won a number of prizes including a PEN Translates Award and the Creative Women’s Award for her debut collection The Sea Cloak. More about Nayrouz Qarmout.

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