Palestinian cinema ‘reclaims the narrative’

Palestine Cinema Days has long established itself as part of the cultural calendar of the West Bank and Gaza since 2014 with top local and international films shown to intrepid audiences.

Preparations for the annual festival has developed into a full-time affair to make sure the film festival is shown to the widest number of people in its different cities as Ramallah, Gaza and even in cities inside Israel.

The 9th edition of the Palestine Cinema Days was held for one week and ended on 7 November to the delight of great number of views who appreciated the 58 films organized by Filmlab Palestine  as chronicled on their website.

There was much media coverage of the films that sought to portray the Palestinian story from its inception the creation of the refugee problem when Israel was established on their lands in 1948 till now.

Although the films were international in character nevertheless more than 20 movies and documentaries were produced and directed by Palestinians indicating the growth of local talents. The point was stressed the Palestinian narrative is now being told by local people not like in the past.

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