Palestine’s PM urges UN to declare Israeli measures in Gaza, West Bank illegal

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh called for United Nations resolutions that declare Israel’s ongoing measures in Gaza and the West Bank illegal.

“Brutal Israeli raids have wiped out entire families in Gaza,” Shtayyeh said during a televised press conference as Israel continues to bombard the city with airstrikes on Monday.

The Palestinian health ministry said on Monday that the death toll in the Gaza Strip rose to 197, including 58 children.

An Al Arabiya correspondent reported that Israel had launched at least 70 air raids on Gaza in the early hours of Monday morning.

“Israel is committing systematic crimes against us and broadcasting them live to the world,” the prime minister added.

A day earlier, Israeli airstrikes in the city destroyed several buildings and damaged main roads leading to Shifa hospital.

The hospital – the largest in the blockaded city – has been instrumental in treating injured civilians in the past week.

Palestinian authorities are currently working with Egypt as well as international organizations to secure the entry of humanitarian aid to Gaza, Shtayyeh said.

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