Pakistan’s armless snooker sensation hits cue balls with his chin

Mohammad Ikram leans over the snooker table, his face at almost touching the white ball as he assesses his options, then hits it with his bearded chin and sends it flying.

At the other end of the table a moment later, a red ball sinks into the corner pocket.

With a twist of the neck this way, or a lighter nudge another, 32-year-old Ikram has worked out how to pot snooker balls without a cue stick.

Ikram, who lives in a rural town in Pakistan’s northeastern Punjab province, was born without arms. But he has not let that stop him from fulfilling his childhood dream of playing the game of snooker.Ikram remembers watching other children playing on dusty pool tables outside his home when he was 10. He wished he could play the game one day, but needed to work out how.

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