Özcan Deniz Celebrates His 28 Year-Old Fiancé’s Birthday

An atmosphere full of love and happiness dominated Özcan Deniz’s celebration of his 28-year-old’s fiancé’s birthday Samar Dadgar.

The artist took to his Instagram page to share a picture of him with Samar Dadgar, as the pair stood behind a huge -Disney princesses and castle designed cake,  Özcan Deniz captioned the post with poetry, and expressed his love to his beau.

 Özcan Deniz

He referred to her as a princess from a fairytale, and as if they were living a life from a movie full of fairytales. He also expressed how Samar has changed his life to the better, using the expression ”All my dark clouds are gone’.

Recently, Özcan Deniz went on a family vacation with his 4-year-old son Kuzey Deniz and Samar Dadgar.

The duo are currently planning their wedding as Samar recently announced she got engaged to the 50-year-old singer and actor, Samar said: ‘We got engaged on the first of January of 2021’.

Özcan Deniz was previousl married to Feyza Aktan from 2018 till 2019, and his first marriage was to Handan Deniz, Handan and  Özcan married from 1991 to 2021.

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