Özcan Deniz Books First Class Ticket For Him And Economy For His Girlfriend

Turkish artist Özcan Deniz , faces backlash amid unacceptable and shocking behavior towards his Iranian girlfriend Samar Dadgar.

The artist’s latest move was incredibly inappropriate as he was heading to a concert in Cyprus with his 23-years younger girlfriend, where he booked a first class ticket for himself, and booked another economy class ticket for Samar.

The Turkish press revealed that Özcan booked different tickets in order for him to save money, since a first class is much more expensive that an economy ticket.

According to the sources, the Turkish actor Han Shan was on the same plane, and he is a close friend of the actor Özcan, so he sat next to him in business class, and when they arrived at Arkan Airport in Cyprus, Samar returned and met her fiancé and headed to the hotel.

Shortly after, Deniz’s nickname surfaced as ‘miser groom’ on social media.

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