Overdose on Exercise Can Lead to Cardiac Events

Overdose on Exercise Can Lead to Cardiac Events

There are many benefits of a hardcore workout regime. However, people, especially those, who aren’t accustomed to high-intensity exercise, when thrown to such hard participation, can risk sudden cardiac arrest according to a new Scientific Statement published in the American Heart Association’s premier journal Circulation.

After reviewing more than 300 scientific studies, it came to notice that physically active people, such as regular walkers, have up to a 50% lower risk of heart attack and sudden cardiac death.

However, the committee also identified potential risks with intense exercise training. In the recent times, the risk of heart attack or sudden cardiac death among male marathon participants has risen, suggesting that these events are attracting higher risk participants (those who may have an underlying or undiagnosed cardiovascular condition such as heart rhythm abnormalities or a prior heart attack).

For women, who comprised only 15% of the study population, the occurrence of sudden cardiac death was 3.5-fold less than in men. Warming up before exercise, walk on a level surface for 6-8 weeks before taking up to hills, build up the workout time slowly, cool down after exercise and medical checkup are some of the suggestions by the team to combat the risk of cardiac arrest.

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