Orthodox Efforts to Unify the Church

The Orthodox Church has made great strides forward in the framework of the efforts made by many bishops to unify the Church in the face of the risks posed and non-innocent interventions that drive its fragmentation and support its division.

The meeting held between the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Patrick Kirill and Patriarch Theophilus III, head of the Church in Jerusalem, witnessed a consensus and understanding to achieve this goal amid a Jordanian welcome from the summit of the pyramid of power represented by King Abdullah II, the guardian of Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, who presents this meeting which was held in the capital dullness

The grand meeting in Amman seeks to turn the page of differences and division despite the Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople attending the meeting and trying to discredit him and put obstacles in front of his decisions.

It appears that the Moscow and Jerusalem churches are working to thwart the American-European conspiracy, which has been working from eternity to divide the Orthodox Church into dispersed small churches with no entity or strong position.


The United States took advantage of the loyalty of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople to implement this plan, as it prompted him to recognize the independence of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, which was historically subordinate to the Church in Moscow, with the aim of weakening it and weakening its decisions.

The United States views the powerful Orthodox Church as a major obstacle in implementing its international plans, and it uses religion as a weapon to implement its plans. Consequently, it fears a strong church that fails its international and humanitarian transgressions.

At the same time, the Al-Quds Church, which has the greatest influence and is able to reunite Orthodox Christians, is under one goal, which was done in light of Jordanian support and blessing..

It is worth noting that the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem, also known as the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, ranks fourth in the list of honor for the local (national) Orthodox Churches, although Orthodox Christians consider it the mother Christian Church, as it is the first church in history that was founded in Jerusalem according to the story Mentioned in the New Testament book (Acts 2: 1- 41).

At the end of 2018, on the initiative of the Ukrainian authorities and the Patriarchate of Constantinople, the Orthodox Church in Ukraine was recognized as an independent entity after the blessing of the Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, after the Ukrainian Church was for more than 3 centuries belonging to the Orthodox Church in Moscow. It was followed by the Russian Orthodox Church ceasing its relations with the Patriarchate of Constantinople because of its objection to this decision. After that, the “Orthodox Church in Ukraine” was recognized by the heads of the Church of Greece and the Church of Alexandria

What is required now is to strengthen the Orthodox Church front in the face of the American and European attacks and interventions in it, and to hold more summits and conferences for the Orthodox Churches in Jerusalem to consolidate the decisions of the Amman meeting and confirm the decisions of those conferences and discussions.

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