On Instagram: French Newspaper Refuses to Run Photo of Saudi Princes Because of Her Hijab

On Instagram: French Newspaper Refuses to Run Photo of Saudi Princes Because of Her Hijab

Princess Nourah Al-Faisal, Saudi founder of Paris-based fine jewelry label Nuun Jewels, took to social media this week to share an exchange between her team and French newspaper Les Echos, who, according to the designer, refused to run a portrait of her because she was wearing a hijab in the image.

“As a Saudi female jewelry designer working in Europe there have been times when I have come up against all kinds of discrimination,” she wrote in a lengthy Instagram post shared on her personal account. “Something happened today that I feel I cannot let pass,” she added.

The designer went on to detail the incident, stating that the professional headshots she provided to illustrate an interview set to run in the magazine were the subject of much furor.

According to the designer’s Instagram post, “we were sent a message through the coordinating PR agency explaining that the images shared did not conform to the images of the other designers and that unless we were prepared to share an image without a hijab, they would not be using Nuun Jewels in their article.”

The designer spoke to Arab News to share her disappointment.

“I highlighted this incident because we can’t fight these behaviors by keeping quiet and silent. Rasicm and discrimination is everywhere around the world. It’s something we must address… as a society, we have to keep talking about it.”

Even though the incident occurred with a French publication, the designer wants to stress that it is in no way a representation of French people or the country, making sure to point out, “My French friends and coworkers have all sent me messages saying this is not acceptable.”

Indeed, many users took to Al-Faisal’s comment section to write heartfelt messages of support and denounce Islamophobia and discrimination.

She has also received much support from people all over the world following the incident, and remains hopeful despite her experience with discrimination as a hijab-wearing woman.  “I’m an internal optimist,” she mused. “I fully believe that humanity is wondrous at its core.”

“When it comes to my work I’ve always wanted to be judged by my craft. Look at the work, judge me on that and if you don’t like it, it’s fine. But don’t dismiss my work for a presumption,” she said.

Can such behavior be abolished? Al-Faisal believes so. “Racism is a taught behavior,” she stated. “You can unteach it.”

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