Oman reports 112 new coronavirus cases

Oman reports 112 new coronavirus cases

Oman has reported 112 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, bringing the total to 3,224 confirmed cases in the country, the Ministry of Health reported.

Fifty-two of the new cases are Omanis, and 60 are non-Omanis, the Ministry of Health said. The number of recoveries now stands at 1,068.

“MOH calls upon all to adhere to the isolation procedures by staying in an isolated room with an attached toiled and serving the isolated person from outside the room as instructed. The Ministry also advises all cizitens and residents to keep on washing hands with water and soap, avoiding touching the face, nose, mouth, and eyes and following the healthy habits when coughing and sneezing,” a statement on the ministry’s Twitter account read.

Oman VS Covid19 – عمان تواجه كورونا


مستجدات حالات الإصابة والشفاء بـ المستجد بالسلطنة.

Coronavirus infection & recovery cases updates

حالات الإصابة الجديدة 
حالات الشفاء الجديدة 
حالات الوفاة الجديدة 

إجمالي حالات الإصابة 
إجمالي حالات الشفاء 
إجمالي حالات الوفاة 
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The first two coronavirus cases in Oman were announced on February 24 after two Omani women were infected during a trip to Iran.

Since then, the government has imposed strict measures to prevent the virus from spreading further. The lockdown in the capital Muscat was extended until the end of May and Ramadan mass gatherings were banned.

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