Old Video of Late Najwa Qassem Resurfaces While Responding to Israeli Edy Cohen.. Watch

Amid the Palestinian crises we’ve been witnessing over the past two weeks, social media has proven its powerful role towards revealing the truth about Israel to the world, especially since international news agencies chose to practice media blackout particularly on the Palestinian cause.

One video went viral and was heavily circulated on social media. It was for late Lebanese anchor Najwa Qassem who passed away in January 2020.

Jordanian anchor Nadia Al-Zoubi was one of the people who shared the video of Najwa.

In the video, Najwa Qassem was interviewing Israeli orientalist Edy Cohen, at one point during the conversation, Edy called Najwa ‘my dear madam’.

Edy Cohen’s words were alarming to Najwa, who interrupted him and said: ‘Just a moment, it’s a bit heavy on my heart for an Israeli to call me dear madam, even if it’s out of respect, but it’s heavy on me to be dear to Israelis.’

In the caption, Nadia quoted Najwa’s response and added: ‘respected media.’

Lebanese anchor and political broadcaster Najwa Qassem passed away on January 2, 2020. She was found dead in her residence in Dubai

It was reported that cause of death was a heart attack.

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