Oğuzhan Koç is Okay with Demet Özdemir’s Sex Scenes

Turkish star Demet Özdemir  revealed in a press conference for the launch of her new series, “Between me And The World”, that her husband does not get jealous which she films intimate scenes in the series.

This statement came after a journalist during the conference asked the Turkish artist the question to answer it immediately and before completing his question,  Demet said: “No, there is no jealousy, thank you for asking, and there is no jealousy in my life and nothing of the sort”

Demet’s answer made her colleagues laugh after she anticipated the question about her husband Oğuzhan Koç’s jealousy and opinion on the intimate scenes she films.

Demet’s scenes in the series sparked controversy as some scenes of the series “Between Me and the World”, are very revealing, as some scenes show Demet naked in bed, and in a bathtub.

The “Disney Plus” platform launched the Turkish series “Between Me and the World”, starring Demet Ozdemir and Buğra Gülsoy.

The series revolves around saving the relationship of a woman whose love for a man began with great passion, but she realized that this great love between them is no longer the same as before.

Demet Özdemir and her Husband

Demet Özdemir, recently got married to Turkish singer Oğuzhan Koç on the 38th of August.

Demete caught the attention of the audience in a white off-the-shoulder dress designed by Ida Gungur for haute couture, highlighting her body features in a classic style that tends to luxury, adopting a simple hairstyle.

The Turkish star dazzled the guests with her second wedding dress, designed by Nihan Becker, after the wedding, she wore a dress that was a special part of the Alexander McQueen fashion show from London, designed especially for her.

Oğuzhan and Demet tied that knot in a hotel in the Turkish city of Sarıyer, and the pair spent around $4M on the lavish ceremony.

As for the gift Oğuzhan gifted his bride Demet a Bvlgari Serpentine necklace, which is the only one in Turkey. And the price of the necklace is about 48 thousand dollars.

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