Offset Faces a New Lawsuit For Not Paying His Jeweller

Offset Faces a New Lawsuit For Not Paying His Jeweller

TMZ reported Wednesday that Peter Marco of Extraordinary Jewels Beverly Hills filed a lawsuit against the 28 year old rapper (real name Kiari Kendrell Cephus) in an effort to get the nearly $50k Offset owes him.

The lawsuit includes an invoice that reveals Offset purchased $110,000 worth of jewelry, but he only paid $63,000 at the time and still owes $47,000.

The original transaction happened in October 2018, with Marco’s legal team sending Offset a letter in December.

The letter demanded payment within seven days, but it seems Offset never paid up, leading to the lawsuit being filed.

The jeweler is asking for the full balance to be paid, plus attorney’s fees and interest on the original transaction.

The lawsuit lists Offset as a defendant, along with Kevin ‘Coach K’ Lee, the COO of Migos’ record label Quality Control Music.

TMZ reached out to Offset and Coach K’s teams but have not yet heard back, and Offset has not yet responded publicly to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit comes just days after Offset received a very generous gift of $500,000 in cash by his wife Cardi B, which lead to ridicule by many fans.

Cardi B shared a video where she lead Offset to a fridge, and when he opened it, there was $500,000 in cash waiting for him, but she said that he wouldn’t get a Christmas present.

The gesture was bashed by many fans, considering Cardi B’s net worth is $28 million and the money she gave her husband could have went to help people.

‘Just think there’s people living on the streets, no where to go, money could have really helped people in real need,’ one fan said.

‘What about giving the money to someone who needs it? To a Charity? To someone fundraising for a life changing operation? A homeless person? Money is not happiness!’ another wrote.

The couple are certainly not having money troubles, since they took their social media followers on a tour of their new $5.8 million mansion.

Among the Atlanta home’s many amenities are a 1,800 bottle wine cellar along with a man cave and even a gun range.

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