Nour Al-Ghandour Shows Off New Hairstyle, Nose, A “Body Part” Gift from Her Father!

Nour comes in a bob style now.

Egyptian actress who resides in Kuwait Nour Al-Ghandour has revealed that she had a trip to the salon lately.

Al-Ghandour said goodbye to her long locks and debuted a new bob hairstyle.

The Egyptian beauty shared the new look with her millions of followers on Snapchat and Instagram.

She captioned the new look: “Short hair?”

Although Nour was shedding the light on the new haircut, eagle-eyed followers were able to spot that she also has debuted a new nose as it looked slimmer and more pinned.

Followers commented things like: “how many surgeries did you have?”, “I swear to God she was beautiful before, I’m afraid that she will play more with her features to the point that she ruins it”, “artificial beauty! I bet she can’t take a picture without makeup and filters.”

Recently, Nour Al-Ghandour revealed that her father kept a strand of her hair since she was a child, and gifted it to her a week ago nearly after 23 years. She commented: “The lover of my soul, I have goosebumps”.

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